Mass Extinction 6 Review

Lights, camera, extinction!

The 6th movie in the ME franchise is a high-octane action thriller complete with jaw-dropping stunts, intense chase sequences, and an ensemble cast of peculiar yet utterly endearing animal characters.

The movie follows a familiar plot - millions of years of evolution and now we're in the middle of yet another Mega Extinction event where millions of Animal and Plant species are in a struggle for survival. Viewers will remember that the villain in the previous installment was a 9-mile asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs and three-quarters of plant and animal species on earth. But this time we have a new antagonist - humans! Wielding a double-edged sword called progress, with their cars, factories, and a deep fondness for single-use plastics.

We’ve got a mix of familiar and fresh faces in the cast - there’s the old Banyan (larger than ever), the pangolin (picture if an artichoke and a hamster had a baby), and of course the mob (a group of meerkats is called a mob). 

But there’s no good movie without a good villain 

and humans deliver on that front. They are complex creatures, with immense capacity for good and evil, but they grow too strong, ultimately undone by their own power.

They got so caught up in their own self-importance that they forgot that their own survival depended on the millions of other life forms that inhabited the earth.

And just when it looked like it was all over for Life on earth, the Conservationists appeared fighting like true superheroes (capes included).

They tried planting trees, advocating for cleaner energy, and convincing humans that they don’t need to kill animals for protein.

As the plot thickens, the question lingers: will Earth become a tragic tale of missed chances and irreversible consequences, or will the characters unite to ensure that the grand spectacle of Earth continues for generations to come? 

Watch ME6 in theatres to find out.


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